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Easy Access Colonoscopy

Easy access colonoscopy (EAC) enables healthy, age-appropriate patients to undergo a screening colonoscopy without an initial consultation or visit. EAC bookings are made by our experienced nurses, they will assess your medical history, review your current medications and provide education about the bowel preparation at the time of booking.

Criteria for Easy Access Colonoscopy:

  • Family history of bowel cancer
  • Persistent change in bowel function
  • Positive Faecal Occult Blood test
  • Rectal bleeding
  • Personal history of bowel polyps or cancer

If you would like to proceed with an EAC, you will be required to have:

  • Referral
  • Medicare card or DVA card
  • Private Insurance details
  • List of current medications and medical conditions

Step 1: Referral

You will need a referral from your GP or referring practitioner or another specialist, this can be sent directly to us via secure message or you can upload here or email to our rooms:  admin@adelaidecolorectal.com.au

Step 2: Triaging

Once your referral is received it will be reviewed and triaged by your chosen surgeon. If you are suitable for EAC our admin team will contact you to obtain your personal details and give you access to our patient portal.

Step 3: Booking

As part of the booking process one of our Nurses will contact you to arrange a suitable date, time & location for your colonoscopy.

The nurse will confirm information about your medical history and review your current medications, sometimes patients may need to cease medications prior to colonoscopy.

The colonoscopy process will be explained and the dietary and bowel preparation instructions will be sent to you prior to your procedure. Bowel preparation can be purchased from our rooms or your local pharmacy.

Please note that we endeavor to contact patients within a week of receiving the referral, if you have not heard from us please call and speak to our team.

Step 4: Colonoscopy

Your surgeon will meet with you on the day of your colonoscopy to discuss the procedure and obtain consent. You will be seen by the anesthetist who will explain the sedation and any potential risks.

After the procedure has been performed, your surgeon will see you again in recovery, your surgeon will review the findings with you and if required our team will contact you to book a post operative consult, your surgeon will either request an in person consult or via telehealth.

All results and reports from your procedure will be sent to your referring GP.

 Frequently asked questions:

When should I get a Colonoscopy?

  • Family history of bowel cancer
  • Persistent change in bowel function
  • Positive Faecal Occult Blood test
  • Rectal bleeding
  • Personal history of bowel polyps or cancer

Is there a preparation required for my colonoscopy?

Yes, as part of your bowel preparation you will be asked to commence a low residue diet in the days leading up to your colonoscopy. You will be required to consume a bowel preparation drink prior to admission.  Your surgeon will have a preferred bowel preparation regime, this will be explained at the time of booking.

Where can I get the bowel prep from?

Our rooms in North Adelaide stock the surgeon preferred bowel prep. Bowel preps can also be purchased at your local pharmacy if more convenient.

Will I be able to eat before my colonoscopy?

No, as part of the bowel preparation regime you will be required to commence clear fluids (no dairy) the day before your procedure. The nurse will give you a nil by mouth time approximately 2 hours prior to your admission time.

How long will the procedure take?

A colonoscopy is a procedure done under sedation in a hospital as a day case.  You will be in hospital for approximately 4 hours from admission time to discharge.

Are there any fees?

Yes, there are gap fees associated with colonoscopy.  This can be discussed with our team upon booking.

How do I receive my booking information?

After your booking consultation with the nurse, procedure information will be sent via email or hard copies can be collected from our room is North Adelaide.

Can I take my medications on the day of colonoscopy?

Yes, the timing of administering medications can be discussed with the nurse at the time of booking your colonoscopy.  We ask that you take all your regular medications unless otherwise instructed.

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